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Driving Details

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Our main goal is to restore your sense of pride and enhance your vehicles appearance. We want to bring back that passion you had for your vehicle the day you bought or completed it.
Company Overview:
Conveniently located at Monticello Motor Club, Driving Details is the first to provide only the finest auto detailing/reconditioning service solutions. We specialize in detailing custom, luxury, and race/track cars. We also provide trackside detailing for corporate events and race car decal application. Club members, track clients, race teams, fleet vehicles, and employees can benefit from these services. Driving Details uses only the finest reconditioning products and tools.
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• Interior Vacuumed
• Interior Dusted & Dressed
• Leather Upholstery Cleaned/Conditioned
• Carpeted Surfaces Scrubbed Clean
• Odor Elimination/Air Freshener
• Interior/Exterior Glass Cleaned
• Deluxe Hand Car Wash
• Hand Waxed/Polished
• Carnauba Cleaner Wax Applications
• Clay bar
• Bug/Tar Removal
• Scratch Removal/Touch Up Paint
• Track Rubber & Grime Removal
• Chrome Surfaces/Parts Polished
• Wheel Wells Cleaned
• Engine/Trunk Compartment Detailed
• Wheels Cleaned & Polished
• Tires Dressed
• Racing Decal/Number Applications
• Exterior Trim Dressing
• Exterior Surfaces Machined Buffed
PRICING: Based on type of car, conditions, and requested services.
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